We have three centres in London that cover the whole of the city. You can make an appointment at the Haven you think is best for you:

  • Camberwell Haven, near to King’s College Hospital (south)
  • Whitechapel Haven, near to Royal London Hospital (east)
  • Paddington Haven, near to St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing (west)

Each is a self-contained centre, fully equipped to provide all the help you need. So although each Haven is close to a hospital, it will not be obvious to other people where you are going.

All our centres have showers, and can provide you with toiletries and refreshments. We give you new clothes if you need to give up your own as evidence.

Everyone you meet will be experienced in helping people who’ve been raped or sexual assaulted. They will believe and support you, and treat you with respect.

Let us know if you need an interpreter. They will respect your privacy and keep to a strict code of confidentiality.