If your sexual offences examiner and crisis worker think it is the right thing to do, they will ask you if you want a forensic medical examination. This is a special check-up to collect evidence which may help with the investigation of the assault.

But it is your choice whether or not you have one. You can also agree to do some parts of the examination but not others. You can stop it at any time.

It is best to have one as soon as possible after an assault as there is a better chance of finding evidence that can identify the person who did it.

So, although it may be the last thing you may feel like doing, it’s best to get it done straightaway.

This depends on whether you come to the Havens directly or with the police.

Direct to the Havens

If you come to a Haven without first contacting the police, you decide what happens to the forensic evidence samples.

You can agree to give the samples to the police: we can give them the samples without telling them your name. They are identified only by a reference number. If the police decide to test the samples and this produces results, we will let you know and help you to decide what to do next, such as reporting the assault to the police.

You can ask us to store the samples at the Havens: if you are not sure what to do, we can store the samples until you have decided.

With the police

If you come to a Haven with the police, they will keep the samples taken during the examination for their investigation. Any information you provide and the results will be police evidence. The police will then talk to you directly about their findings.[/accordion-item]